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Body: Normal
Spiritually Sensitive, Athletic, Exotic, Gentle, Kind, Strong-Willed, Dancer, In Love(Tidus), Protected (By Lulu, Rikku)

Combat Skill Job Change (Default Gunner)

Unique Equipment Tiny Bee (Pistols) Nirvana (Staff)

The daughter of High Summoner Braska, Yuna is also a powerful summoner. Along with her guardians, she made a pilgrimage in order to expel Sin, a terrible monster that destroys indiscriminately. With the aid of her guardian Tidus, Yuna discovered the horrible truth behind Sin and the founder of their religion Yu Yevon. Determined to end the cycle of Sin, she attacked Sin head-on and venture inside to defeat the being at its core, the unsent summoner Yu Yevon. Yuna uses all the Aeons she has obtained and manages to defeat Sin once and for all, becoming the High Summoner of the Eternal Calm. However, the destruction of Sin and Yu Yevon meant the fall of the Fayth and the death of Tidus, who was a product of the Dream Zanarkand created by Yu Yevon.

Two years after these events, her quiet life is shattered when she is contacted by Rikku, who has a gift from Kimahri - a sphere he found, which shows a man who bears a striking likeness to Tidus. Yuna joins the Gullwings in order to find out more about the sphere and whether or not it meant that Tidus is still alive.

Her search lead her to a huge machina of unknown origins sealed within a cave. Believing that the device can bring her to Tidus, she activated it.

The machina, however, is a trans-dimension device, and on being activated, proceed to transport the Gullwings away into another dimension.

Trapped in a new dimension, and with their dressphere not workable in this new land, it wasn't long before the Gullwings fell to a group of slavers and brought to the slave market.



-Wonder how the rest is holding up...