Damage Mix: Weapon Type Attributes
Attack Strength Constitution Agility Accuracy Target Evasion Defence Penetration
40% 7% 3% 50% 99% 95% 0%
Name Attack Effects Price Description
Knife 23 20 A common kitchen knife, still somewhat useful as a dagger. Scream, however, wants it back.
Dagger 27 100 A sharp, well-balanced dagger.
Poisoned Dagger 25 30% Poison 200 A dagger coated in a dripping green slime.
Stiletto 35 500 A dagger with a thin needle-like point designed to punch through chainmail.
Kris 39 800 A dagger with a wavy blade.
Air Knife 43 Deals Wind Damage, Agi +20 1200 This dagger feels weightless; you even feel lighter holding it!
Due to damage mixing, this has an equivalent Attack of 68, making it deal as much damage as Flayer.
Mage Masher 50 30% Silence 1700 With this dagger, even mages fall silent.
Bloody Dagger 60 Drains 20% of damage dealt 2300 Blood is constantly dripping from this dagger; it's able to absorb the life of those you kill.
Flayer 68 3000 This dagger's blade is paper thin, yet doesn't break easily.
Assasin's Dagger 75 Agi +20 3800 This dagger makes it easy to hit an enemy's vitals and so increases critical chance.
Due to damage mixing, this has an equivalent Attack of 100, making it deal more damage than the Orichalcum Dagger.
Orichalcum Dagger 85 3800 The blade of this dagger shimmers in the light, and the edge is so fine you can't even see it!

One-Handed Swords:Edit

Cheap Sword; 120 gold - Attack +20

Cheap, mass-produced weapons that is more likely to break off than inflict damage.

Old Sword; 240 gold - Attack +30

This sword is really old, and brittle with age.

Officer's Sword; ??? gold - Attack +120

Ornamental sword normally used by officers as a badge of their rank.  Sharp and well balanced.

Ninja Swords:Edit

Bokken; 100 gold - Attack +15

A replicate katana made of wood.

Katana; 250 gold - Attack +25

A well crafted single edged sword.

1-Handed Axes:Edit

Rusty Axe; 150 gold - Attack +25

Cheap, mass-produced weapons that is more likely to break off than inflict damage.

Old Axe; 260 gold - Attack +35

Though well-made, this axe is very old.

2-Handed Axes:Edit

Stone Axe; 170 gold - Attack +30, Agility -25

It's little more than a stick with a pointy rock tied on one end.

Two-Handed Axe; 280 gold - Attack +40, Agility -30

This big axe requires two hands to wield.


Cheap Hammer; 150 gold - Attack +25

A big rock on a stick.  It falls off occasionally.

Hammer; 240 gold - Attack +35

An ordinary hammer used to hammer nail...Though I suppose it does an acceptable job on heads too.


Bamboo Spear; 120 gold - Attack +20

Cheap, mass-produced weapons. Likely more dangerous for the user than the enemy.

Worn Spear; 240 gold - Attack +30

This spear is really old and brittle with age.


Wooden Bow; 50 gold - Attack +10

Bow made from a fallen piece of wood.  Heavy and inflexible.

Composite Bow; 120 gold - Attack +20

Bow made by gluing two pieces of wood together.  Likely would come undone at a critical junction.


Beretta 92F; 500 gold - Attack +50

A semi automatic handgun chambered for 9x19mm Parabellum.


Stick; 150 gold - Intelligence +10

A stick...


Damage Mix: Weapon Type Attributes
Attack Strength Accuracy Target Evasion Defence Penetration
50% 50% 99% 100% 0%

Name Attack Element Int Bonus Effects Price Description
Staff 5 Physical 12 250 Essentially a big stick. It has such little magical qualities, you could hardly call this a staff.
Oak Staff 8 Physical 20 1200 A smooth hardwood staff, this was made from a beautiful old oak. It's heavy but high-quality wood.
Mage Staff 11 Physical 20 2500 A staff that increases magical power, due to the resonance of the stone on the end.
Ice Staff 15 Ice 45 Boosts Ice Spells. Attacks train Ice Magic. 4000 A staff that has a core of enchanced ice. Greatly increases ice magic. Hrormir once used this staff.
Fire Staff 15 Fire 45 Boosts Fire Spells. Attacks train Fire Magic. 4000 A staff that is made from volcanic rock. Greatly increases fire magic.
Lightning Staff 15 Thunder 45 Boosts Thunder Spells. Attacks train Thunder Magic. 4000 This staff has weird little boxes with the word "Battery" on it stuck all along its length. It keeps going and going and... Greatly increases lightning magic.
Petrified Staff 15 Earth 45 Boosts Earth Spells. Attacks train Earth Magic. 4000 Staff made from petrified wood. Greatly increases earth magic.
Crystal Staff 15 Earth 45 Boosts Water Spells. Attacks train Water Magic. 4000 Staff made from a single transparent crystal, known as Aquamarine. Ka-ching! Greatly increases water magic.
Feather Staff 15 Earth 45 Boosts Air Spells. Attacks train Air Magic. 4000 A staff decorated with feathers at the tip. Said to be used by a Shaman at one point, it greatly increases air magic.
Archmage Staff 20 Non-Elemental 75 Boosts Non-Elemental Spells. Attacks train Non-Elemental Magic. 4000 This staff greatly increases non-elemental magic. Too bad everyone who hates magic users (or the Archmage) will hate you too...
Mage's Oath 25 Physical 90 4000 A staff filled with limitless power. Magnus wants it back!
Glacial Staff 30 Physical 40 PDef +200, MDef +50 4000 Carved from a solid block of ice and enchanted, this staff is almost useless against the Yetis...


Brass Knuckles; 30 gold - Attack +10

Pieces of metal shaped to fit around the knuckles.

Cestus; 120 gold - Attack +20

A glove made with leather strips and filled with iron plates.

Weighted Gloves; 220 gold - Attack +30

A pair of ordinary looking gloves made of leather, with powdered lead or steel sewn into a special pouch covering the knuckles.