Urd Plain Background


Constitution 80 Strength 50
Sex 50 Charisma 120
Beauty 800 Agility 60
Obedience 20 Intelligence 50

Appearance: Big Breasts, Exotic,
Background: Angelic,
Behavior: Fashionable, Hasty, Nymph

Combat Skill
Fire Mage, Thunder Mage

Belldandy's older half sister, Urd ranks as Goddess second class, management category limited license. She is the Yggdrasil System Administrator and Manager.

Impulsive and headstrong, Urd is very passionate about everything she does. Urd's impulsiveness often makes her act first without fully considering the consequences. A flaw that the rouge goddesses took advantage of.

Aware of the love that Urd held for her sisters, they had one of their number distract her with a contest of magic while the rest made the necessary adjustment to the computers to alter the exit point of Heaven's gates.

The goddess distracting Urd challenged her to break out of a binding spell. Urd, confident in her magical powers, readily agreed. The rouge goddess laid her ward on Urd, then stepped back for Urd to break it. But barely had she began to gather her magical powers when suddenly more wards fell on her. A group had hidden themselves nearby, and during the momentary pause when Urd isn't in control, threw their strongest binding spells on her.

One on one, none of them are a match in terms of raw power for Urd. But a group against her alone, it isn't really a fair contest.

Once Urd is securely bound, the rouge goddesses threw her through the gates. With her headstrong reputation, no one would think of looking for Urd for some time yet.