Tomb Raiding is a quest available to owners of the Sandy Shack. It can be used to obtain a free mercenary and up to two free slaves, as well as other bonuses. Completeing the full chain is necessary to unlock the Oasis Inn brothel.


Page Author note :

Okay, after having to get some help from the comments on the quest page, and doing a bit of working out of my own, I'm going to make a page about the Tomb Raiding quest, which people seem to have a lot of confusion over. I'll explain the whole quest chain, as well as the follow-up 'quests', though the follow up ones don't appear in the quest log. There are two characters (one mercenary and one slave) you get by default, and a second slave you can unlock depending on a later choice. It also allows access to the Oasis Inn brothel once the chain is completed.

I'm writing this from memory, since it's a long chain I don't want to sit through twice, so sorry if I mess up >.>

As a quick reference, thanks to MajorLag from the quests comments for starting me off on figuring this quest out :)

Pre-Requisite :

You need to own the Sandy Shack brothel. It does NOT need to be your starter one.

Main Quest :

Once you own the shack, go to the noticeboard at the northern edge of the desert town. Interact with the left side of the board and you'll get a message about a wanted poster for a cannibal. Go east of the town, and in the northern half of the next zone, you'll find a guard with a dead body. Talk to the guard, who'll explain the body is another victim of the cannibal, and asks you to track him. Follow the footprints in sand further east, and you'll eventually come to a small set of hills leading up into the nomad camp.

Head to the eastern edge of the camp, near the purple-haired woman (Viper Nazir) and then start going down the slope south of her. She'll talk to you, then run off towards a cliff north-east of the zone, and open a cave. Follow her in and go through the cave until you reach a set of five statues. Nazir will get blocked by a barrier and keep attacking it. You need to interact with the statues to get them all green. When you interact with one, it switches it's own colour and the two either side of it.

For those who want to figure it out yourself, ignore this bit. For those who want a quick solution, follow this sequence (numbers for statues based on attached image).


Tomb Raiding Statues






Once all the lights are green, the barrier goes, and you and Nazir can move on. When you reach the gap with the bridge on the other side, talk to Nazir, and she'll jump over and move the bridge after a small conversation, wherein you can agree to take 30% or go 50/50. No idea why you'd choose 30, and I've not tried it, so just go 50, lol. It likely doesn't make a difference though.

Once Nazir joins your party as a mercenary (suggested you move her to battle party before continuing if it isn't already full), carry on until you reach the cannibal. Once he finishes talking it starts a battle with him. It should be a very easy fight, and once he's down, after a short cutscene you'll be taken back to the town palace. After another cutscene, in which the guards refuse to pay you, Nazir will officially join you (as a reminder, she is not a slave, so cannot be used as a whore or similar at brothels).

Head back to the Sandy Shack, and go to the door. A woman standing opposite (Soi-Fon) will talk to you, and after another conversation, head back to the palace. Go inside, and up two floors. There you'll have a conversation again about the leader's graverobbing brother (the red-haired man in front of the inn), and be asked to help him. Leave, and after another short conversation with Nazir, head over to the red-haired man (can't remember his name, so let's just call him Red for short from here on).

Talk to him, and he'll complain he's thirsty. Go into the bar and talk to the still cook, and he'll give you water. Take it to Red, and he'll throw it on the ground. Go back inside and talk to the cook again, and you'll get the option to buy a drink for 10g. Give that to Red, and he'll ask you to collect 4 scorpion tails. Go out into the eastern zone again, and fight scorpions until you have enough tails - you can get 1 or 2 from the fights, depending.

Bring the tails back to the man, and he'll tell you about the tomb. Follow him, and eventually you'll come to an area blocked off by a boulder. You'll be asked to find another way. Go back into the previous zone to the west, and interact with the quicksand pool. You'll end up in a room with 5 coffins. 2 of them contain mummies to fight, 1 contains some gold, 1 contains the tablet you've been looking for, and 1 has the key to get out of the room.

Once you have them all, leave through the south door, opening the statue in front of the door with the key to open the door itself. Beyond that, you encounter Ishizu Ishtar, who takes the tablet and fights you. She has three forms that you'll have to fight in a row. If you do lose at any point, it won't give you game over, but you'll have to walk back into town to heal up unless you have any phoenix downs on you. On the way back, you'll pass Red, who, if you don't have the tablet, will leave to wait at the tavern.

Once you defeat Ishizu, you take the tablet back and take her as a slave. Take the tablet back into town and give it to Red, who'll offer to teach one of your characters the Holy attack spell for 500g. To finish this quest, you have to have a character learn it (white mage is the only one I've confirmed can learn it), so you may need to wait a few days to get a slave capable of learning it if you don't have one or can't yourself. Once you learn it, the official part of the quest is over.

Continuation -

This is the rest of the chain - and it's a LOT of rest - that doesn't show up in your quest log. Note that continuing on this quest will change several things around the desert town as you go on, but there's not really any avoiding it at this point.

Once you leave the inn after learning Holy, you'll be met by guards who take you to the palace again. You'll learn that undead are attacking as a result of the tablet's theft. Red is thrown into dungeon for treason by his brother, who demands you and Nazir take care of the undead. Soi-Fon joins you as a battle companion for the time being too.

Go into the zone to the east again, which is now heavily populated by guards and mummies, and head into the cave in the south-east. Inside, kill all of the red mummies walking around (though you also get random encounters with normal mummies as you walk around too). You can also find a female creature (the earth elemental, if I remember correctly) somewhere in the northern cavern that drops the earth gem. Once all the red mummies are dead, you'll find a female-looking mummy in the north. Kill that, and after the small cutscene, leave.

You'll soon find out it hasn't done much good, and eventually the people decide to retreat to the nomad camp. You end up going into the town, where, after Soi-Fon runs off to find the town leader, you're attacked by a stronger blue mummy. Defeat it, and then go to the Sandy Shack, where you'll see Leoril with Ishizu outside. After the cutscene ends with them leaving, go to the town hall.

There, you have a conversation with Nazir about going to help Soi-Fon save the leader, or whether to go to the dungeon and save Red first. Though I didn't complete the chain after testing this, it seems that saving the leader first means you do NOT get Soi-Fon as a slave (will be explained later). Though you can still choose to save the leader, for the sake of getting a free slave, save Red. Whichever one you choose not to go to first WILL die, leaving the other brother distraught.

You will then be teleported to the nomad camp. Whichever route you chose, Ishizu will be forced into telling you how to solve the problem. You end up getting the job of sorting it out, as ever, and get given the tablet. If you saved Red, he will fire Soi-Fon and give her to you as a slave (who you get to keep permanently from then on). If you saved his brother, Soi-Fon becomes the guard captain (and as far as known, cannot become a slave afterwards).

Either way, talk to the woman on the big brown... whatever it is... and she can take you either to the northern entrance to the desert town, or the necessary temple. If you go to the town, you'll have access to most of the map, though you cannot access the desert town or any of the areas beyond temporarily, since two guards will stop you. Going back is mainly to heal, get items and the like. Once you're ready, talk to the woman at the nomad camp and go to the temple.

At the temple, after another cutscene, head into the temple. In the first area, there are two exits, one at the north-east, one north-west. Ignore the north-eastern exit and go through the north-west one. As you go through the temple you'll encounter various 'challenge rooms'... which just have some amusing comments in rather than challenges. The route onwards is long, but fairly easy, especially if you avoid the monsters, and is pretty much a one-way trip, so no need to provide directions through it. With the 'challenge' rooms, just walk right through the other side.

Eventually you get to an outdoors section on the roof of the temple. About half way across the zone, there's a northern pathway. Take it up to find the second tablet you need. Then go back south, and leave through the eastern side (you'll have entered via west). Again, lots of straight forward routing and pointless challenge rooms. Eventually you'll reach an altar, and after a cutscene, you'll get the final boss fight of this chain. The boss has a LOT of health, but doesn't really hit that hard. With a healer or lots of healing items, it should be a cakewalk, though a long one.

Defeating it will finally end the undead problem, and you'll be taken back to town. After another cutscene, in which you (FINALLY) get paid (2000 for Red-alive route, not sure if different for his brother). By this point, you'll likely have a fair chunk of gold, a couple of nice bits of loot, a mercenary and one or two new slaves.

After the quest's conclusion, lots of the NPC dialogue and locations will change a bit around town. You'll also find that the building in the south-west corner of the town is now an available brothel, the Oasis Inn. It is arguably one of the best inns available pre-Harpy House, especially when upgraded.

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