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Constitution 70 Strength 80
Sex 20 Charisma 70
Beauty 885 Agility 55
Obedience 5 Intelligence 20

Appearance: Humongous Breasts, Athletic, Great Beauty, Strong, Tough, Nimbleness

Behavior: Protective, Kind, Rebel, Bartender

Combat Skill
Martial Artist

Unique Equipment
Premium Heart (Fist/Glove)

After all their crazy adventures saving the planet, Tifa wanted nothing more than to settle down peacefully with Cloud at her rebuild bar in the city of Edge, and take care of the many children orphaned during both the Meteor Crisis, as well as the more recent attack by Bahamut SIN and Deepground.

Cloud, however, has been spending most of his time on his job, and is often out of contact for months at a time His exploits during the above-mentioned crisis lead to a huge boon in his delivery business; everyone wants the services of the many-times hero.

As the number of orphan children grew due to more children being are found in the wreckage of both Midgar and Edge, the amount of money he had been sending back soon ran out. And while the bar is popular enough, most of the people is there to gawk at her, not spend money, so Tifa had no choice but to find another source of income on her own.

This led her to this city, trying to find work as a mercenary, both to keep up her combat skills in this time of peace, and because the pay is good.


-For the sake of the children...

-Someone say it's gonna be okay...!

Stats When Battling Against

















Physical Def


Magical Def


100% drop weighted gloves

'Acquisition' (Spoilers):Edit

[Event 1&2]

From the City Outskirts brothel go right once or go left once from the city central slums. There will be an event, after which you'll be given the option to assist the thugs or leave them.  Assist them, and then choose the option to take the girl.  Afterwards head into the forest and choose to ambush Tifa and the merchant.  Win the fight and you will gain Tifa as a slave.

Alternative: You can choose the second option when talking with the thugs (the one about splitting the money) and you'll still get Tifa after you fight her, +4000 ish gold. Also the thug leader will take her virginity so you won't get to see that image in the play-through.

[Postponing Event 2]

You don't have to ambush Tifa right away, you can keep postponing the fight indfinetely if you don't feel like you can beat her. Just keep on picking the second option and you'll enter the forest as usual.

[Event 3]  

Prerequisite: Dungeon + Tifa being in the City Outskirts Brothel

After you acquire the City Outskirts brothel, you have a chance of an event with Tifa in your room.  She asks to let her send half her earnings to her orphanage in exchange for her obedience and fighting ability