Teletha Testarossa

Teletha Testarossa

Constitution 50 Strength 55
Sex 10 Charisma 40
Beauty 550 Agility 35
Obedience 45 Intelligence 85

Body: Normal
Information Seeker, Military, Proud, Protective, Kind, Responsible, Tactician, Fast Learner

Combat Skill
Not Combantant

The captain and creator of the Tuatha De Danaan submarine, she is a child prodigy who achieved the rank Colonel by age of 16. Revealed to be a Whispered. Her high level of mathematical and scientific prowess is dwarfed by her older brother's, which gives her a sense of inferiority.

After one of their missions, the notorious terrorist Gauron was captured and held in the Tuatha De Danaan. However, it was just a ruse, and he took control of the Tuatha de Danaan AI with a special program, holding holding Teletha and the command crew hostage.

To discredit Mithril, Gauron uses the Tuatha de Danaan to attack the USS Bunker Hill just patrolling nearby. The US Navy's responsed by blowing the sub up. Though Sousuke and the Arbalest survived and even manage to rescue Kaname, the sub is lost, and Teletha's location is unknown.