Constitution 20 Strength 30
Sex 1 Charisma 40
Beauty 450 Agility 30
Obedience 10 Intelligence 70

Body: Big Breasts
Kind, Independent, Prude, Protective of Children, Stubborn, Information Seeker

Combat Skill
Not a combatant

Saya is a second year student at Fujimi High School and a genius. She makes it clear that she is smarter than everyone else, but is still quite young emotionally. Not physically strong, she uses her intelligence to help the group out in situations.

The daughter of an influential right-wing nationalist politician, her relationship with her parents is mixed; on one hand, she admires all their capabilities in saving their staff, but on the other hand, she believes they neglected finding her when the outbreak happened.

She was accidentally swallowed by a dimensional rift along with her group after entering a building to hide from zombies,however only the girls ended up in the city