Soryu Asuka Langley

Constitution 30 Strength 30
Sex 1 Charisma 60
Beauty 650 Agility 35
Obedience 30 Intelligence 50

Body: Normal
Proud, Aggressive, Athletic, Independent, Hasty, Strong Willed, Prude, Fast Learner, Trouble Maker, Robot Pilot, Military

Combat Skill

The Second Child and pilot for the Production model Evangelion Unit 02, Asuka is fiery and proud, both in her looks and her ability as a pilot for Unit 02. However, this personality is a front that protects a very vulnerable and insecure girl.

After her defeat at the hands of the 16th angel, Asuka slipped into a slum, and in an unguarded moment, attempted to take her own life. She was found by a group of vagabonds, who saw this as a chance to earn some money, and sold her to a slaver.

-Stay away from me, you creep!

-Why did I end up here... This sucks!