Skuld plain background


Constitution 100 Strength 30
Sex 1 Charisma 60
Beauty 750 Agility 40
Obedience 35 Intelligence 150

Appearance: Cute, (she has a Loli body but doesn't have the trait)

Background: Angelic

Behavior: Fast Learner, Prude, Clumsy, Independent

Job (trait): Mechanic

Combat Skill
Hyper-space Hammer, Explosive Expert (she has the NonCombatant Trait in the XML file)


The youngest of the three sisters, Skuld holds the rank of Goddess second class, type one, limited license. She is one of the Yggdrasil debugger.

Skuld is an engineering genius, capable of building just about anything out of the most mundane parts under most limited resources. Skuld looks up to Belldandy, and has interfered with her budding romance with Keiichi more then once, seeing him as competition for her sister's affection. When she heard that Belldandy was granted permission to return to earth, Skuld flew into a panic. Barely pausing to let the All-Mighty know where she is going, Skuld dashed for the gates of Heaven.

The alteration made by the rouge goddesses still in effect, Skuld found herself in an unfamiliar place instead of the temple that Keiichi made his home.

Seeing her sister being dragged away in the distance, Skuld called out her debugging hammer and ran to the rescue.

Unfortunately, with her magic still undeveloped, and her being out-numbered by five men, each well versed in handling girls, it wasn't long before Skuld found herself being dragged alongside her sister, a collar on her neck.