Constitution 90 Strength 70
Sex 75 Charisma 60
Beauty 790 Agility 150
Obedience 30 Intelligence 50

Body: Big Breasts
Exotic, Strong, Tough, Aggressive, Free Soul, Independent, Strong Willed, Love to fight, Protected (by Soifon), Pervert

Combat Skill
Shinigami, Martial Artist, Dou Ryu Sen.

- Shunkō: Enhance Att power at cost of SP
- Cat transformation: Chance to appear as a black cat when not working
- Utsusemi: High speed attack that strikes at all target at the same time.

Nicknamed the "Flash Goddess", Yoruichi is amongst the strongest Shinigami. Formerly the Captain of the Second division the Gotei 13, as well as the Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō, she exiled herself when she broke into prison to rescue her friends.

During the Winter Wars, she fought Aizen in the Fake Karakura Town, wearing armour created by Urahara. However, by then Aizen is already too powerful, and she was easily defeated.