Constitution 70 Strength 65
Sex 60 Charisma 75
Beauty 545 Agility 45
Obedience 30 Intelligence 55

Body: Humongous Breast
Aggressive, Intimidating Personality, Alcoholic, Free Soul, Bloodlust, Love to fight, Tattoo, Prosthetic Limb

Combat Skill

Heavy Blow

A close friend of Yoruichi, she is who Yoruichi turned to when she is looking for a way to break into Seireitei. With her help, Ichigo and co is able to enter Seireitei sucessfully.

Later, feeling curious, Kukaku went to Seireitei to see what's happening. She got careless, however, and fell it a trap set by Kurotsuchi Mayuri, and is captured for use in his experiments in the inter-dimensional gate.




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