Constitution 40 Strength 25
Sex 5 Charisma 60
Beauty 500 Agility 40
Obedience 50 Intelligence 60

Body: Normal
Hasty, Rebel, Ojou, Cute, Kind, Strong Willed,

Combat Skill
Archer, Sorceress (Unique class change. Exclusive use of magic, all spells available, Magic stat boost)

Unique Equipment
Shooting Star (Crossbow?)

Rinoa Heartilly is the daughter of Galbadia's military commander Fury Caraway and idol singer Julia Heartilly. Despite her lack of military training, she joins a resistance movement fighting against Galbadia in order to achieve Timber's independence, and in doing so she abandons her privileged lifestyle, family, and everything she once knew.

Engaging members of the mercenary group SeeD to help her, she fought for the freedom of Timber. Unfortunately, things begin to escalate as the group found out that Galbadia is under the control of a Sorceress. In their attempt to fight the Sorceress, Rinoa ended up inheriting her powers instead, and fell unconscious as a result of the powers now in her.

Squall, worried about her, tried to find a way to help her, eventually making his way to the high-tech city of Esthar. However, there Rinoa awoke under the control of a Sorceress from the future, Ultimecia. She ended up wrecking a space station, and freeing another Sorceress, Adel.

In order to stop Ultimecia from compressing all of time, the Seed group made use of the long duration of the time compression magic and fought Ultimecia in her castle in the future.

However, when the time compression was unravel back to normal, the combatants found themselves stranded in time. Rinoa reappears in the flower field, where she and Squall had made their promise to meet if they ever separate, but Squall is nowhere to be found. Using her sorceress powers, Rinoa dove into the void of time to find Squall, but was unsuccessful before her powers ran out, dropping her out of the void into somewhere else.

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