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Constitution 60 Strength 30
Sex 30 Charisma 50
Beauty 500 Agility 70
Obedience 45 Intelligence 30

Body: Small Breast
Energetic, Thief, Cheerful, Nimbleness, Hasty,

Combat Skill
Job Change (Default Thief)

Unique Equipment

The cousin of Yuna on her father's side, Rikku is completely loyal to Yuna, accompanying her on her pilgrimage to stop Sin. Child-like and playful in many ways, Rikku tries to maintain a positive outlook, though she has her insecurities, particularly when it comes to her own future and what she wants to be. Highly intelligent, she speaks two languages and is skilled in chemistry.

After the successful pilgrimage of Yuna, and the destruction of Sin, Rikku founded the Gullwings, a Sphere Hunting group. During one of their hunts, Kimahri tells them of a sphere he found on Mt. Gagazet which shows a man bearing a strong resemblance to Tidus. Rikku rushes to Besaid and shows the sphere to Yuna who immediately leaves her island home and joins the motley crew on their airship, the Celsius.

Their search lead them to a cave, within which was sealed an ancient machina of unknown origins. Even Rikku's training with the Al Bhed in machina failed to identify it. When Yuna wanted to activate the machina, she advice against it. However, Yuna is convinced that the machina would lead to information on Tidus, and overwrote her concerns.

Her worries proved true as the machina powered up and opened a dimensional gate, (not that she would know of it), before sucking the Gullwings into it.

When the gate spat them out, it was Rikku who discovered that their dressphere has stopped working. The group then tried to find out more information on their situation and where this place is. It is unfortunate that the first people they came across happens to be a group of slavers.


-Leave Yunnie alone, you meanie!