Revy Black Lagoon by FirstPrize15


Constitution 50 Strength 40
Sex 70 Charisma 50
Beauty 590 Agility 50
Obedience 5 Intelligence 30

Body: Big Breasts
Athletic, Proud, Aggressive, Alcoholic, Independent, Strong Willed, Sadist, Foul-Mouth, Love to fight, Tattoo, Money minded. Exotic, Bloodlust

Combat Skill

Unique Equipment:
- 9mm Sword Cutlass

Revy, nicknamed "Two Hand" due to her ambidextrous marksmanship skills, is the main fighter for the Lagoon Company. A merciless and sadistic killer, she takes maniacal glee in killing anyone and everyone that gets in the way. Her skill with firearms and ability to dodge bullets is almost superhuman.

Returning to Roanapur after the mess of a mission that is the Washimine group take-over, Revy proceeded to get smashed at the Yellow Flag bar. Unknown to her, however, in the power vacuum left by the decimation of Hotel Moscow, a slaver group have moved in and set up operations within the area. One of their area of operation is the Yellow Flag bar. In her haste to get drunk, she did not notice that the bartender had changed. Not long after her first bottle, she is unconscious. When she wakes up, it'll be in the slave pens.


-Get the fuck out of my face!

-We are already the walking dead. Doesn't matter what you do to me...