Constitution 30 Strength 10
Sex 0 Charisma 40
Beauty 300 Agility 35
Obedience 80 Intelligence 60

Body: Loli
Young, Cheerful, Energetic, Cute

Combat Skill
Dagger, Sketch (Unique ability to summon a duplicate of the enemy she is facing.)

Unique Equipment
Cat-ear Hood

A young girl from Thamasa, the city of mages, Relm has the ability to make her paintings come alive with magic.

When the Returners came to Thamasa to enlist the aid of her grandfather Strago for his knowledge of the Espers, Relm decided to tag along and followed them secretly, eventually proving her usefulness when she use her ability to make her painting come alive to help in the fight with Ultros.

After Kefka blew up the world in his mad bid for godhood, Relm ended up in Thamasa, where she is hired by Owzer, a wealthy art collector in Jidoor, to help him remove a demon named Chadarnook that has possessed one of his prized paintings. The demon, however, proved too strong for Relm alone. After defeating her, Chadarnook opened the painting, and threw Relm through into the void.


-I'm starting to miss my brush.

-When will I find time to paint again...