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Part 1 Quests Edit

Mountain Town Edit

Oceania Region Edit

Desert Town Edit

Slums Edit

Hunters Questline ( Doesn't show in questlog atm) Edit

Heartlands Edit

Mohawk Questline Edit

Harpy's Nest Events Edit

Note: The Harpy Brothel can't be unlocked until part 1 is complete. So go complete the part 1 quests before attempting to trigger any of these Events

Final Fantasy Girls Questline Edit

  • Terra Branford Event (Not in queslog)
  • Highway Robbery
  • Highway Beatdown
  • Highway Shakedown

Moving west from Harpy's Nest and south until you reach location where wizard from Mohawk Quest line stands. Cut scene begins. You see Lightning and couple of FF girls robbing a trader. They take away his cart and run to the right. Character advances you to follow them.

Return to the path leading north towards the Harpy's Nest and talk to the hood figure on the path to the left. Fight and then proceed to the left to enter the thief camp.


Niji Questline (Not in questlog) Edit

Here's a link to all quest girlsEdit