Anyone looking for help on quest come here. (Note: Do not ask for scroll location)

Part 1 Quests Edit

Mountain Town Edit

Oceania Region Edit

Desert Town Edit

Slums Edit

Hunters Questline ( Doesn't show in questlog atm) Edit

Heartlands Edit

Mohawk Questline Edit

Harpy's Nest Events Edit

Note: The Harpy Brothel can't be unlocked until part 1 is complete. So go complete the part 1 quests before attempting to trigger any of these Events

Final Fantasy Girls Questline Edit

  • Terra Branford Event (Not in queslog)
  • Highway Robbery
  • Highway Beatdown
  • Highway Shakedown

Niji Questline (Not in questlog) Edit

Here's a link to all quest girlsEdit

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