Body: Loli
Young, Responsible, Fast Learner

Combat Skill
White Mage

An apprentice White Mage from the land of Mysidia. Already an accomplished spell caster, Porom, along with her twin brother Palom, is tasked with watching over Cecil and help him on his quest to become a Paladin following his ill-fated adventures after being attacked by Leviathan.

After Cecil sucessfully purged his sins, and transform himself into a Paladin, Porom and Palom joined him on his adventures, finally making his way back to Baron, where he confronted the King of Baron on his actions.

The King turned out to already be dead, and his place taken over by the Archfiend of Water, Cagnazzo. On his defeat, Cagnazzo smashed the walls, which began to cave in. Porom and Palom saved Cecil by holding off the walls and petrifying themselves.

When the Elder of Mysidia went to heal the twins to enlist their aid for the battle with the Gaint of Babil, the two children cannot be found. While petrified, an enterprising merchant found the pair, and took them to be sold as ornaments.