Userbox ffX-2-Paine


Constitution 70 Strength 60
Sex 20 Charisma 20
Beauty 300 Agility 40
Obedience 10 Intelligence 30

Body: Small Breast

Traits: Strong, Tough, Aggressive, Tomboy, Proud, Calm

Background: Military

Combat Skill: Swordsman

Unique Equipment
Paine's Sword

A mysterious woman, Paine is one of the first person to join the newly-formed Gullwing sphere hunter group founded by Rikku. Not much is known about her past, as she is very tight-lipped about the subject.

While on the hunt for information regarding a sphere found by Kimahri, which showed a man that strongly resembles Tidus, one of Yuna's past guardian, they came across rumors of a hidden cave from which mysterious noise sometimes appeared. Anyone who when in vanished, and so the cave was sealed.

Yuna, wanting to explore all possible avenues in her quest to fin Tidus, asked for the seal to be release. Though Paine cautioned against it, Yuna would not be swayed.

Paine was proven right when the object within the cave, a machina of unknown design, powered up and sucked the Gullwings into it.

On emerging on the other side, they found themselves in an unknown land. Even Paine, who had traveled widely before joining the Gullwings, did not manage to identify the land they were in. It is decided that the first thing is to find out more about this place. Though their dressphere were disabled, they had no choice but to proceed and hope that nothing attacked them, as they are quite defenseless without the dresspheres. Alas, that hope proved to be in vain, as the first person they encountered happened to be a group of slavers, who did not hesitate to add three women to their stock.


-Hands off me!

-You'll pay for this...