Nia Teppelin

Constitution 30 Strength 35
Sex 0 Charisma 65
Beauty 550 Agility 30
Obedience 60 Intelligence 50

Body: Small Breast
Gentle, Kind, Strong Willed, Cheerful, Naive, Dreamy, Noble

Combat Skill

A sweet, kind and caring girl, Nia is raised within the castle of Lordgenome, and thus is very naive about the outside world. It's only after she followed Simon and the Dai-Gurren on their fight that she learn about the world outside the castle and the oppression of humans. On learning that she has been abandon because she has attain her own free will, Nia chose to believe in Simon, and join in the fight against her father as the cook of Dai-Gurren, though only Simon and Bota could stand her cooking.

After the grueling battle to defeat the Spiral King, Lordgenome, the surviving members of the Dai-Gurren build a new capital over the remains of the royal capital. However, unknown to the public in general, Rossiu Adai have led a secret project to access Lordgenome's memories and learn from it the history behind him and the Anti-Spirals.

Tainted by the despair of Lordgenome, and the truth about the Anti-spiral and the Spiral Nemesis, Rossiu fell into despair, and took the suggestion of Lordgenome, limiting the number of humans by means of arranged "accidents". He also acted on the advice of Lordgenome to remove those girls that have the highest chance of producing humans with an artificial dummy gene, which, upon detection of high amounts of spiral energy, would trigger a transformation into an Anti-Spiral scout.

Amongst those girls are his old comrades Yoko and Nia, along with his old charge Darry. By the time those names came up in his reports, Rossiu is so far gone the he did not hesitate to condemn them, selling them to a extra-dimensional slaver as the means to get rid of them.