Melissa Mao

Melissa Mao

Constitution 55 Strength 45
Sex 50 Charisma 40
Beauty 450 Agility 40
Obedience 20 Intelligence 35

Body: Normal
Military, Tough, Aggressive, Alcoholic, Independent, Strong Willed, Foul Mouth

Combat Skill
Robot Pilot,

The superior officer of both Sousuke and Kurz, Mao is serving as the SRT's second-in-command next to Gail McAllen, under captain Teletha Testarossa. An ex-marine, she was given the command of her own team.

She was wounded by Gauron during AS combat at a U.S. chemical weapons disarmament facility on Berildaobu Island, Republic of Perio. Mostly incapacitated, she was unable to escape when Gauron blew the Tuatha De Danaan up. Though she survived, she was picked up by slavers scavenging the sunken sub.




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