Matou Sakura

Matou Sakura

Constitution 35 Strength 20
Sex 80 Charisma 60
Beauty 550 Agility 30
Obedience 80 Intelligence 40

Body: Big Breast
Cute, Meek, Strong Willed, Kind, Nymph, Protected (By Rider)

Combat Skill

Sakura is the younger biological sister of Tohsaka Rin, but was adopted into the Matou family due to the Tohsaka's family tradition that raising an additional child would introduce competition.

As a result of her natural abilities, Matuo Zouken sought to use Sakura as one of his future vessels. He hybridized the tainted fragments of the shattered grail from the last war with several of his crest worm familiars. He implanted these parasitic worms into Sakura's body, which drain her Mana but feed on her carnal impulses. To curb her sexual frustration, Zouken frequently instructed Shinji to rape Sakura. Jealous of the fact his adopted sister usurped his birthright as heir to the Matou House, Shinji brutally raped her of his own volition.

When the Holy Grail Wars started, Sakura summoned Rider as her servant. However, under pressure from Shinji and the desire not to fight either Shirou or Rin, Sakura yielded her Master's right to him, although Sakura retains her original Command Mantra.

Unfortunately Shinji is a poor Master, and Rider was defeated. Though on the verge of dead, she managed to return to her true Master's side. When Shinji, still sore about his lost, tried to take it out on Sakura, Rider was able to prevent Shinji from doing, beating him half to dead in revenge for his treatment of Rider when she was under his command.

Enraged, Shinji went to his grandfather for aid. Matou Zouken, though disgusted with the cowardliness of his worthless grandson, nevertheless consent to aid him, fearing more that Sakura would aid Shirou then any real desire to help Shinji.

When word that her grandfather is coming for her, Sakura, influenced by Rider's presence, as well as Shirou's example, decided that she will not be bond to her grandfather's will, and possibly be made to hurt Shirou. With only Rider and a few basic necessities, Sakura fled Fuyuki City.