Lunamaria Hawke

Lunamaria Hawke

Constitution Strength
Sex Charisma
Beauty Agility
Obedience Intelligence

Body: Big Breast

Combat Skill
Robot Pilot

The older sister of Meyrin Hawke, Lunamaria is an Ace pilot of ZAFT, serving on the same ship as her sister as the pilot of a custom Zaku Gunner, and later, the Strike Impulse.

When Chairman Gilbert Durandal announced the Destiny Plan, which would judge people by their genetic destiny and not their individuality, Lunamaria doubts the plan and tries to discuss the matter with Shinn, but due to Rey's interference, she is unable to. When the battle begins, Lunamaria attempts to attack the Eternal, but is damaged by the defending forces and forced to retreat.

Shinn then arrives, going into SEED Mode and attacking the Eternal. After realizing the terrible mistakes being made by both Shinn and herself, Lunamaria then interposed herself between the two, begging them to stop fighting. However, Shinn is far too blinded with rage to really understand what Lunamaria has done, and charges madly at a shocked Lunamaria for the kill.

Lunamaria manage to avoid a direct hit to the cockpit, but her suit is disabled, and she drifted away from the battle. Shinn, shocked out of his murderous rage, was shot down by the defending MS of the Eternal, and crashed into the moon. He would later stand trial, and was sentence to life imprisonment for attacking a fellow soldier with the intention to kill.

Lunamaria is later rescued, at the brink of death, by a band of pirates scavenging after the battle is over, and sold into slavery after somewhere recovering.



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