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Constitution 45 Strength 20
Sex 70 Charisma 40
Beauty 650 Agility 20
Obedience 20 Intelligence 60

Body: Big-Breast
MILF, Calm, Humongous Breast, Sixth Sense, Melancholy, Strong-willed, Kind

Combat Skill
Black Mage, Doll Master

Unique Equipment
Onion Knight Doll

One of the Guardians of Yuna during her pilgrimage to stop Sin, Lulu is an accomplished Black Mage. Stern and stoic, she seemed insensitive at times, but she does have a hidden bit of gentleness underneath.

Lulu was raised in Besaid as an orphan alongside Wakka, and later Yuna, after her parents, who she remembers just a little, were killed by Sin when she was five years old. Though she protested when Yuna decided to become a summoner, she eventually agreed to become her Guardian, along with Wakka and Kimahri.

After the successful conclusion of the pilgrimage, she wed Wakka, and was pregnant with his child when Yuna ran off with Rikku to the Gullwings. However, shortly after the birth of her child, news came to Besaid that the Gullwings have vanished. Worried for her surrogate sister, Lulu resolve to find Yuna.

Her search took her to a sealed cave, where the locals mentioned that the Gullwings had entered some time back. Lulu then did the same, despite warnings from the villagers. She found a machina that she had never seen before, and activated it, hoping that it contain some information as to where Yuna and group has gone to. Once the machina powered up, however, she is promptly swallowed by the dimensional gate.

On finding herself in a strange new land, Lulu set out to find out where she had landed in, and to find her wayward charge.