Lenna Charlotte Tycoon

Constitution 40 Strength 20
Sex 0 Charisma 60
Beauty 500 Agility 40
Obedience 70 Intelligence 40

Body: Big Breast
Noble, Gentle, Kind, Hasty, Cosplayer, Protected (By Faris Scherwiz)

Combat Skill
Job change, Default White Mage

Princess of Tycoon, Lenna, though adventurous and brave, is also kind and gentle. She especially loves dragons, and is willing to place her life in danger to save one.

Lenna is on the way to the Wind Shrine to find her father, who had disappeared, and also to discover the reason the winds stopped. With the way to the Wind Shrine blocked by a fallen meteor, she is forced to seek an alternative route. Discovering a pirate ship that could sail without wind, she tried to steal the ship, but was instead captured by the crew and their captain Faris. Lenna reveals that she is the princess of Tycoon and pleaded with the pirates to take them to the Wind Shrine, but Faris' only response is to laugh and comment how much Tycoon's princess would be worth.

Despite her pleads, Lenna was locked up, and brought to the slave market to be sold.

As she was carried away, her shirt tore apart, and revealed a pendant.


-To think that I would find Sarisa like this...

-I wonder how Bartz and the others are doing?