Lala Satalin Deviluke

Lala Satalin Deviluke


Body: Big Breast
Background: Alien, Noble
Strong, Cheerful, Fast Learner, Free Spirit, Naive, Sensitive tail, Hasty, Trouble Maker

Combat Skill



The first princess of the planet Deviluke. Though considered an air-head by appearence alone, she actually has a genius-level intellect, as seen in her amazing array of inventions. She is incredibly enthusiastic about the smallest things and has a very bubbly nature, caring and generous and appears to have a need to make everyone she cares about happy.

As the first princess and presumed eventual successor to the throne of Deviluke, it appears that she must marry so that both she and her spouse can rule together. As such she was continuously presented with male suitors, all of whom she has turned down. When she finally couldn’t take it any longer, she escaped from her home to earth so that she could have some freedom.

A noted inventor, she has created many devices, but as they are not as well thought out as they could be, can have unforeseen circumstances. Like the time when she turned her chosen lover Yuuki Rito into a girl.




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