Body: Small Breast
Melancholy, Calm, No sense of self, Gentle, Meek, Naive, Emotionless Expression

Combat Skill
Shinigami, Martial Artist

- Body Modification: On counter-attack hit, poison the target.

The Vice-captain of the 12th Division, Nemu is the daughter/clone of Kurotsuchi Mayuri. Due to the fact that she was abused and mistreated in every possible way by her "father/creator," Mayuri, Nemu is a very shy, withdrawn, and introverted individual, preferring to stay silent in her captain's presence.

On his part, Mayuri treats her harshly, using her in his experiments without mercy. Thus, when the time came to test the cross-dimension device, Nemu is give the 'honor' of being the first to use it.




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