Kula Diamond

Kula Diamond


Body: Small Breast
Cute, Young, Emotionless Expression, Free Spirit

Combat Skill

Ice Abilities, Martial Artist


She is a being created with the codename Anti-K' by NESTS to exterminate the cartel's traitor, K'. Instead of the fire-based abilities of K', her DNA is altered to use ice instead.

NESTS created an android called Candy Diamond, who would monitor Kula's behavior and assure that Kula would accomplish her missions. The closest person to Kula, she was devastated when Candy did not survive atmospheric re-entry in the aftermath of the Zero Cannon destruction.

Recently, she received an invitation to a female exclusive tournament, in order to determine the greatest female fighter of all time! But Kula did not care for that. Her objective is the large cash prize, in hopes of being able to repair her beloved Candy.


-Remember, you promised me ice-cream!

-Yours is kinda bitter though...

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