Job DescriptionsEdit

Name Description Effects Remark
Mechanic Trained in the repair and maintenance of robots and machine. Maintain cybernetic or robotic girls for free if in the same building.  
Inventor Smart girl who creates stuff for fun. Storyline invention purposes.  
Medic Occasionally heals minor wounds or uses her knowledge of anatomy to maximize costumer satisfaction. Bonus customer satisfaction (which can be rewarded with a tip). Girls require less time to fully recover.  
Medic (Chakra) Ocasionally heals minor wounds or uses her knowledge of anatomy to maximize costumer satisfaction. Bonus customer satisfaction (which can be rewarded with a tip). Girls require less time to fully recover. Increased healing for girls with chakra. Lvl 1 - Naruto girls x1 healing, Others x0.8

Lvl 2 - Naruto girls x1.1 healing, Others x0.9

Lvl 3 - Naruto girls x1.2, Others x1

Lvl 4 - Naruto girls x1.4, Others x1.2

Robot Pilot This girl has the ability and training to pilot a robot. Participate in certain quest?  
Alchemist Skilled in the making of potions. Able to produce healing potions and other consumables, but require an expensive investment in facilities and supplies.  
Teacher This girl has experience teaching. Girls learn faster (skills or stats).  
Maid This girl also works as a maid. Increase attractiveness of building. Reduce maintenance.  
Dancer This girl can dance to entertain customers. Increase number of customers. Able to perform on stage alone.  
Idol This girl is a well-known idol. Increases reputation. Able to perform on stage alone.  
Hacker This girl knows her way around a computer. Quest use? or used for influencing city.  
Trader This girl is a good haggler. Lowers the price of goods or girls.  
Guard This girl is used to protect the other girls from harm. Reduce chance of rape, used in brothel invasion.  
Teleporter This girl is capable of traveling to another location instantly. Used to travel between brothels.  

Brothel JobsEdit

Name Effects Traits Gained Stats Affected Stat Used Min Base Stat*
Medic Increases vigor regeneration for the brothel. Medic (trait), Responsible Intelligence Constitution 80
Teacher Increases rate of stat gain. Teacher (trait), Responsible Intelligence Intelligence 80
Dancer Improves customer patience, gains tips (money). Dancer (trait), Nimbleness, Athletic Agility, Popularity Agility 80
Guard** Keeps out customers who do not meet the minimum gold requirement (Door guard only). Guard (trait), Protective, Protective of Children Strength, Constitution, Intelligence Strength
Whore Gains money, increases reputation of brothel. Kind, Responsible Constitution, Charisma, Sex, Obedience, Popularity, Reputation Several.  See below.
Dungeon Increases obedience. Sadist, Tough, Meek, Masochist, Melancholy, No Sense of Self Constitution, Obedience
Bartender Improves customer patience. Bartender (trait), Energetic, Fashionable, Money Minded Charisma Charisma 80
Cook Reduces girl cost, increases vigor recovery. Cook (trait), Hasty Intelligence Intelligence 80
Bed Warmer Increases stats. Pervert, Nymph, Calm, Cheerful, Kind Constitution, Sex
Teleporter Lets you teleport between brothels.

Responsible, Inventor

Intelligence Intelligence N/A?
Maid Reduces daily maintenance costs. Maid (trait) Constitution Constitution 80

Minimum stat (without items) to work the job.
**Stat gain requires keeping customers out. Keeping more customers out will increase the amount gained.

Whoring and Stats: Whoring uses a number of stats and traits: Sex - Determines customer satisfaction. Constitution - How many customers the girl can service. Obedience - How likely a girl is to accept an offer. Popularity, Reputation, and Beauty to determine how likely the customer is to make them an offer.

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