Constitution 65 Strength 45
Sex 5 Charisma 25
Beauty 605 Agility 40
Obedience 60 Intelligence 65

Body: Medium Breasts
Prude, Intimidating Personality, Strong Willed, Proud, Responsible, Sadist

Combat Skill

Dou Ryu Sen

- Take off glasses: Stun 1 target for x turns

A very serious and pragmatic person, she often has to put up with her captain's silly antics, but she is extremely respectful of her captain and follows his instructions without hesitation. She is almost always carrying a heavy book.

During the Ichigo's rescue mission, Nanao is ambushed by minions of Mayuri while rushing to bring vital information to her captain. Mayuri had taken advantage of the chaos to kidnap female subjects for the inter-dimensional portal experiment.




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