Horaki Hikari

Constitution 20 Strength 20
Sex 1 Charisma 50
Beauty 450 Agility 20
Obedience 45 Intelligence 40

Body: Small Breast
Gentle, Kind, Maid, Responsible

Combat Skill
Not combatant

The class representative of the class that Shinji and the other Eva pilots attend, Hikari has a by-the-book demeanor and takes her responsibilities as "class rep" seriously.

After the city was nearly destroyed by the Angel attacks, Hikari and her family was forced to move away from Tokyo 3 to the neighboring city of Tokyo 2. Amiss the press of thousands of refugees, Hikari was separated from her family. She searched futilely for her family for a day, before accepting a ride from another refugee. It turned out to be a foolish thing to do. The man is a slaver, taking advantage of the chaos to capture girls like her.

-Is Kodama and Nozomi doing alright?

-I hope Asuka don't do anything foolish...