Constitution 40 Strength 30
Sex 0 Charisma 70
Beauty 500 Agility 40
Obedience 35 Intelligence 70

Body: Small Breast
Strong-Will, Noble, Melancholy, Naive, Responsible, Protected (by Beatrix)

Combat Skill
White Mage, Summoner

Unique Equipment
Whale Whisker (Staff)

The princess of Alexandria, Garnet was born under the name Sarah, in the summoner city of Madain Sari. When the city was attacked, she and her mother attempt to escape. However, the boat they were in was destroyed, and her mother was killed. She was washed ashore in Alexandria, where the king found her. As she looked almost identical to the real Princess Garnet, who had died not long before from illness, with the exception of her horn, the King ordered her horn removed, and she become a "replacement" princess.

When her foster mother, Queen Brahne, begins to change, the princess seeks to escape from Alexandria, only to find that the thief group Tantalus plans to kidnap her. She goes along with the plan and join the group, journeying to Lindblum to seek aid from her uncle Regent Cid Fabool IX.

Cid refuses to take major action against the kingdom of Alexandria, and he tell Garnet to remain in Lindblum for her own safety. Unhappy with this, Garnet resolves to visit her mother herself.

Though the princess and her knight reach Alexandria safely, Garnet is betrayed by Queen Brahne, who orders the jesters Zorn and Thorn to extract Eidolons from her. They would be weapons used later by the Queen to destroy her enemies. After the Eidolons were removed from Garnet, Queen Brahne, now almost totally mad with the lust for power, ordered her daughter to be dispose of. The mad jester twin Zorn and Thorn carried out that order by selling her to the slavers at a low price.