Rosa Joanna FarrellEdit

Rosa FF4 FMV


Stats Consitution 35
Sex 20
Beauty 65
Obedience 55
Price ???

Trait Edit

Great Beauty, Gentle, Kind, Noble

Combat SkillEdit

White Mage, Archer


Rosa hails from Baron, and is a skilled Archer and White Mage. She is gentle and kind by nature and is said to be the most beautiful woman in Baron. The childhood friend of Cecil Harvey and Kain Highwind, she accompanies Cecil on his journey to protect the crystals.

However, while defending the Crystal of Air in Fabul, Rosa was abducted by the enemy general Golbez. He then contacted Cecil through a mind-controlled Kain to bring the final crystal to the Tower of Zot in exchange for Rosa. As Cecil battled through the Tower, he is attacked and defeated by Kain.

Her use as bait over, Golbez ordered her disposal to the slave market. By the way, without Cecil to find the remaining Crystals, Golbez had to do the job himself. He would spend the rest of his life trying.






Loli and Adult

Stats Consitution 30
Sex 0
Beauty 55
Obedience 30
Price ???

Trait Edit

Adult - Strong-Will, Melancholy, Protective

Child - Loli, Young, Strong-Will,

Combat SkillEdit

Adult - Summoner, Black Mage

Child - Summoner, White Mage


Rydia was born to one of the few remaining pure-blood Summoner families in Mist. Her mother was killed when Cecil and Kain killed her summon Mist Dragon, and her home destroyed when the ring that Cecil was tasked to deliver released bombs all over town, consuming it in fire. She was initially distrustful of Cecil, but was won over when Cecil defended her against the Baron's soldiers that had came to kill her.

After their failure to protect the wind crystal, and the abduction of Rosa, Cecil decided to return to Baron and demand for answers. On the way there, however, the ship they were on was attacked by the sea monster Leviathan, and Rydia was thrown overboard. Presumed to be swallowed by the beast, Cecil moved on in his quest. However, Leviathan turned out to be the King of Espers, and had brought Rydia to Feymarch, the home of the Espers.

Time moves faster in the Feymarch, so while Cecil and his allies were separated from Rydia for only a short period of time, years went past in the Feymarch, and, under Leviathan's watchful eye, Rydia grew into a young woman at an accelerated rate. On learning of the true danger Golbez posted to the world, Rydia decided to return to Cecil and help him. Interdimensional travel being what they are, however, Rydia ended up somewhere quite different from where she planned.





Stats Consitution
Sex 0
Price ???

Trait Edit

Loli, Young,

Combat Skill

White Mage


An apprentice White Mage from the land of Mysidia. Already an accomplished spell caster, Porom, along with her twin brother Palom, is tasked with watching over Cecil and help him on his quest to become a Paladin following his ill-fated adventures after being attacked by Leviathan.

After Cecil sucessfully purged his sins, and transform himself into a Paladin, Porom and Palom joined him on his adventures, finally making his way back to Baron, where he confronted the King of Baron on his actions.

The King turned out to already be dead, and his place taken over by the Archfiend of Water, Cagnazzo. On his defeat, Cagnazzo smashed the walls, which began to cave in. Porom and Palom saved Cecil by holding off the walls and petrifying themselves.

When the Elder of Mysidia went to heal the twins to enlist their aid for the battle with the Gaint of Babil, he found only Palom. Porom is nowhere to be found.