Since there are many people who refrain from creating an account on our forum, I was hoping to obtain some feedback directly from the people who visit this wiki. If you have any feedback to offer, post it here or visit us on our chatango page. We would also like for you to consider making a lefora account and joining our forum.

Just as a reminder this is our forum:

And this is our chatango page:


As some of you may know we are currently creating a brothel revamp that will completely rework the brothel mechanics and fix most of the bugs. Following this revamp we shall start a combat revamp. We would really appreciate feedback from you people. Tell us how "complete" the classes are. How good their weapons are, their skills, how strong they are in raw damage, etc. Talk to us about tactics and other combat stuff. Oh and we arent getting rid of any of the classes; we would just like to know how we can improve them. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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