Faris Scherwiz

Constitution 70 Strength 65
Sex 0 Charisma 70
Beauty 500 Agility 50
Obedience 30 Intelligence 40

Body: Normal
Tough, Strong Willed, Tomboy, Intimidating Personality, Independent, Cosplayer

Combat Skill
Job change, Default Sword User

Born as Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon, Sarisa became lost at sea as a small child and found by pirates. As she was unable to pronounce her name correctly (calling herself "Farifa"), they dubbed her "Faris".

Due to the dangers inherent in being the sole woman on an all-male ship, Faris was raised and disguised as a boy, dressing and acting accordingly. She was made captain after taming a sea dragon to pull their ship through the sea without the need for sails, though the pirates did not know she is a girl.

When Lenna tried to plead for a ride and revealed her identity as Princess of Tycoon, Faris' first thought was to sell her for a profit. However, as Lenna is carried away, her shirt tore open and reveled a pendant identical to the one Faris herself possessed.

After learning of their true relations, Faris' sex was reveled to her crew, who revolted, as in the minds of the tradition-minded sailors, women on board a ship is bad luck. They strip her of her rank as Captain and left her unconscious, easy prey for whoever comes by.


-To think that one such as I would end up like this

-Leave Lenna alone!