Constitution 65 Strength 40
Sex 60 Charisma 50
Beauty 550 Agility 33
Obedience 20 Intelligence 45

Body: Big Breasts
Independent, Hasty, Sadist, Strong Willed,

Combat Skill

Eda is a woman posing as a nun in the rip-off Church, with ties to the underground, since the convent is mainly a smuggling organization. In actual fact an operative for the CIA, she is being hosted by the Church of Violence in return for monetary payments.

During the manhunt for Greenback Jane, she encountered "Groovy Guy" Russell, who was working for the crime syndicate that's tracking Jane. In the duel that follows, Eda managed to overcome Russell, pointing her gun at his head. However, Russell suddenly claims that he recognize her, having met her before in another country.

In that moment of distraction, Russell retaliated, knocking the gun away from him before turning the tables on her. With the Lagoon Company out of reach in their boat, and a lot of bounty hunters in between, Eda is forced to surrender. While sending Greenback Jane back to the syndicate, he claims Eda as his reward for a successful completion of his mission. Eda was sold after he got tired of her.