Tomoyo Daidouji


Constitution 25 Strength 20
Sex 1 Charisma 80
Beauty 420 Agility 20
Obedience 65 Intelligence 30

Body: Loli
Young, In-Love (Kinomoto Sakura), Fast learner, Kind, Ojou, Dreamy,

Combat Skill
Not a combatant

The best friend of Sakura and her second cousin on their mothers' sides, Tomoyo is in love with Sakura, but is happy just being at Sakura's side, creating various costumes for her to wear in her card-captor job, as well as accompanying her on missions to record the events with her video camera.

When she was visiting the City with Sakura, they came under the attention of the magic users there. Unable to touch Sakura directly, they had Tomoyo kidnapped instead. They then blackmailed Sakura, promising to release Tomoyo only if she allow herself to be enslaved. Of course, they did not keep their promise.


-If it's for Sakura-chan...