Lingerie; 1500 gold - Sex +15, Beauty +10, Obedience +5

Some sexy lingerie that increases the money earned.


Torn Old Rags; 10 gold - Agility -10, Sex +5

Various pieces of cloth that barely covers anything.

Plain Dress; 150 gold - Sex +10, Beauty +5 

Plain everyday dress.

Kimono; 1500 gold - Sex +10, Beauty +5, Obedience +10

A beautiful kimono that increases the number of customers.

Sexy Dress; 1000 gold - Sex +25, Beauty +15, Obedience +10

A tight dress to show off every curve.

Dancer Dress; 1000 gdl - Agility +10, Sex +20, Beauty +15, Obedience +10

Dress that lets the girls dance more comfortably and increase tips.

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