Constitution 75 Strength 90
Sex 30 Charisma 45
Beauty 750 Agility 80
Obedience 5 Intelligence 65

Body: Big Breasts
Athletic, Exotic, Great Beauty, Strong, Information Seeker, Tough, Proud.

Combat Skill
Martial Artist

Chun-Li was an Interpol investigator who had been searching for clues to the recent death of her father. Tracking down various clues points to the mysterious crime syndicate Shadaloo.

Unfortunately, The leader of said syndicate, M. Bison, is by far her superior in combat, and easily defeated her. Due to the headache her father gave Bison before killing him, and a desire to avoid the same from Chun-Li, he had her sold in the slave market.

-I am the strongest woman in the world... am I?

-I will not be defeated by this! Street Fighter

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