Constitution 80 Strength 40
Sex 1 Charisma 80
Beauty 530 Agility 50
Obedience 90 Intelligence 40

Trait: Cute, Naive, Fast Learner, Free Soul

Background: Construct Combat Skill

Story Created by Ichiro Mihara to be his wife Hibiya's daughter, because she was unable to bear children of her own. Originally named Elda, she is deactivated and her memory wiped by Hibiya after Ichiro died.

She is then found abandon in a pile of trash. Upon turning her on, she is only able to say the word "chi," remembers nothing of her past life, and is unable to perform even simple tasks. Because of this, she is renamed 'Chi' and reprogrammed as a sex doll.


>Chii is a bit of a special case, in that she is basically a blank slate, and you can develop her in any way you like. Note however, that she is not very good in combat, at least at first. Upgrades to her body can change that. However, she will not be able to use magic no matter how you modify her.