Constitution 70 Strength 60
Sex 10 Charisma 70
Beauty 650 Agility 40
Obedience 55 Intelligence 40

Body: Normal
Military, Strong-will, Intimidating Personality, Melancholy,

Combat Skill
Black Mage (Ice Focus), Sword User, Runic Blade (Unique ability to recover Mp by absorbing spells with her sword)

Unique Equipment
Save the Queen (Sword)

Celes is a Magitek Knight initially in the service of the Gestahlian Empire, and one of their Generals. Eventually, Celes became disillusioned with the Empire's ruthless conquest and turned on them, but was imprisoned for her troubles. Rescued by Locke, she joined the Returners and aid them in their fight against the Empire.

After Terra's mysterious transformation and disappearance, Celes is tasked with Infiltrating the Magitek Research Facility to free some of the imprisoned Espers, in hope that one of them can help find and help Terra by the Esper Ramuh.

Celes and the Returners manage to successfully free the Espers, but was unable to save their lives. Kefka appears and taunts the group, claiming Celes had deceived them and was loyal to the Empire. Locke grows hesitant to believe her despite her pleas, and Kefka had his soldiers attack them. To prove her loyalty, Celes spirits Kefka and his soldiers away as well as herself, buying them enough time to escape the facility.

However, something went wrong with her teleport spell, and Celes did not appear at her chosen destination. Instead, she found herself in a dense wood in an unknown location.


-I should have died in prison...

-To think that a general would end up like this...