Cecily Cambell



Body: Big Breast
Stubborn, Military,

Combat Class

Sword Master


A 3rd generation knight from The Knight Guards of Housman, the Third City of the Independent Trade Cities. Her grandfather, a former nobleman who became a knight, was one of the founders of the Independent Trade Cities during the Valbanill War. After the war ended, the Cambell family served as knights protecting the city's independence. When her father died of an illness, Cecily took up the role of the head of house, and thus became a knight. She believes strongly in justice, the protection of the city and its citizens.

However, when she fought against Siegfried, he defeated her easily, then broke every bit of her entire psyche until he left her in a barn, not caring enough even to finish her off. Due to this event, Cecily is left traumatised. Desperate to forget, Cecily left her city behind and sign up for the very first caravan that is passing through, unaware that the caravan is manned by slavers.


-Used Body for Dynamic Sprites: Base Body - Big Breast

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