Busujima Saeko

Constitution 55 Strength 50
Sex 25 Charisma 30
Beauty 840 Agility 60
Obedience 20 Intelligence 50

Body: Big Breasts
Tough, Kind, Calm, In Love, Love to Fight, Blood-lust

Combat Skill
Swordsman, Zombie Killer, Samurai

Unique Equipment
Murata-tou (sword)

Saeko is a third year student at Fujimi High school and is the president of the school’s kendo club, making her very skilled in using bokken and swords as well as being an expert in close combat.

She was once attacked by a man on her way home one night; however, she was able to easily overpower the man since she had her wooden sword with her. After severely injuring the man the police released her due to the circumstances, but after that night, Saeko found that she had a sadistic side to her and enjoys killing.