Constitution 25 Strength 20
Sex 50 Charisma 40
Beauty 450 Agility 30
Obedience 35 Intelligence 120

Body: Normal
Mechanic, Fast Learner, Hasty, Pervert, Fashionable,

Combat Skill

Some time ago, her father, Dr. Brief, made a rash decision to hire an assistant to help with his company. Absent-mind at the best of times, he did not notice as the well-mannered young man slowly but steadily taking over the company.

Dr. Brief soon received the shock of his life when debtors came round to his house. The assistant had borrowed all the money he could, using the company's name, and fled, along with all the assets of the company. Overnight, Dr. Brief lost everything.It was too much for his heart, and he fell over dead. In the end, it falls to Bulma to pay the debt.

In her search for a job, Bulma somehow found herself in The CIty. Left without a choice, Bulma was forced to sell herself in order to eat.


All Bugs should be fixed. If she dsappears, head to city gates.