Brothels are buildings, in which you can house your girls. They vary in size, location, and client base. There are five(ish) levels of brothel fame, depending on overall client satisfaction.

  • Unknown
  • Local Hideaway
  • Popular Hangout
  • Well Established
  • Local Favorite
  • Famous

Starter BrothelsEdit

Name Location





Dun Medic Teacher Alch Guard Dancer Bar Cook

Ruined Lifeguard

Island 2/2 1/1 N N N N N N N N
Mountain Shack Mountain 2/2 1/1 N N N N N N N N
Sandy Shack Desert 2/2 1/1 N N N N N N N N

Other BrothelsEdit

Name Location S./Max Beds* S./Max Rooms** VIP Dun Medic Teacher Alch Guard Price (GP) Dancer Bar Cook Tele
Harpy's Nest City Outskirts 9/36 4/7 Y 2 Y Y Y Y 25000 2 2 Y Y
Sunsong Ranch Ranch 15/40 8/14 2 2 Y 1/5 Y Y 151000 2 3 N N
The Fishin' Hole Docks 6/18 2/3 N Y Y


Y Y 4000 N Y Y N
The Ring of Fire Ry'Leh 20/20 5/5 N 2 Y 2 Y Y Questreward, worth 40000 1 1 Y Y
Mighty Wench Tavern Heartland 10/26 3/6 N N Y Y Y Y 25000 Y Y Y Y
Lonely Lighthouse Oceania 6/10 3/4 N 1 Y Y Y Y 6000 1 N N N
Wayfarer's Hearth Nivalis 12/24 4/8 Y 4 2 2 N Y ? 3 Y Y Y
Phoenix Flower Mountain Outskirts 20/40 8/14 N 4 2 2 1 Y ? 4 Y Y Y
Begger's Palace West Slums 9/17 1/3 N Y Y Y Y Y 2000 N Y Y N 22:20, January 26, 2016 (UTC)Last edit by Kai 22:19, January 26, 2016 (UTC)

*Beds = How many girls the brothel can house.

**Rooms = How many girls can work as whores at once.

Upgrading A BrothelEdit

Requires a Brothel capable of upgrades and at least 15 days must have have passed from the beginning of the game.

Outside of all of your brothels there will be a Carpenter who offers to upgrade your brothel in exchange for money.  Upgrades will take a variable amount of time, depending on which is being done.  The time required is listed in the Carpenter's menu as well as the completion date.  Once an upgrade has been started it cannot be canceled.  At any time during the upgrade you can talk to the Carpenter to review what upgrade is being done for your brothel and when the completion date will be.

The availability of an upgrade is dependent on the brothel.

Brothel Cost Edit

For every upgrade purchased on a brothel the total value of your brothel will raise the amount you purchased the upgrade for.

  1. The cost of maintenance of your brothel is exactly 1/100 of your brothel total value per day. With every upgrade your brothel receives the cost of maintenance moves up correspondingly.
  2. If you wish to sell your brothel it will sell for 1/2 its total value and you must buy it back for full price
  3. If you sell it you it will not lose any of its upgrades therefore it will not drop in value.
  4. You cannot sell or remove brothel upgrades or improvements

VIP room(not currently implemented, works as work room ATM):Edit

Only certain girls can be put into VIP room as a threesome. Currently only Aerith and Tifa can act together in a VIP room. More are to come.

If the conditions are met to form a couple, it will appear as an item in the list. In this case the item would be called "AerithTifa". If the couple doesn't appear in the VIP assign girl list then the conditions aren't met.

The conditions are:

-own both girls

-both girls are in the same brothel

-both girls do not have a negative status effect

-both girls are not assigned to another job

-both girls are at full health