Belldandy Plain Background


Constitution 100 Strength 40
Sex 1 Charisma 150
Beauty 999 Agility 40
Obedience 70 Intelligence 60

Appearance: Great Beauty

Background: Angelic Behavior: Gentle, Kind, Cheerful

Job (trait): Cook

Combat Skills
White Mage, Light Mage, Water Mage

The second of the three sisters, Belldandy holds the rank of Goddess First class, second category, unlimited license. She works on the "Goddess Technical Helpline" and is responsible for granting wishes to those who call.

When college student Morisato Keiichi mistakenly called the Helpline when attempting to order take-away noodles, Belldandy appears before Keiichi and offers to grant him a wish. Convinced that the whole incident is a prank played on him by his seniors, Keiichi half-jokingly wishes her to stay with him forever.

The wish is granted, and Belldandy stayed with him, falling in love with Keiichi in the process.