Constitution 50 Strength 35
Sex 50 Charisma 80
Beauty 540 Agility 30
Obedience 5 Intelligence 55

Body: Big Breasts
Aggressive, Independent, Intimidating Personality, Scarred, Sadist, Military, Strong Willed, Responsible, Pervert

Combat Skill
Gunslinger, Firearms Story
Balalaika is the boss of Hotel Moscow. Her real name is Vladilena. Before joining the mafia, Balalika was a captain in the Soviet Army and a veteran of the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

Balalaika can be easily identified by the burn marks which scar most of the right side of her face, neck and chest which she sustained in Afghanistan, earning her the nickname "Fry-Face" by those who dislike her.

Talked into exterminating the Washimine Group by Rock, Balalaika agrees and kills the leaders of the Kosa Council. However, she underestimated the bonds between the yakuza groups, and is unpleasantly surprised when, instead of cowering from the deaths of their leaders, the yakuza retaliated, mustering all their manpower to take down Hotel Moscow in revenge. Despite their greater training and firepower, Hotel Moscow is slowly worn down by repeated attacks by the seemingly endless yakuza members. In the end, Hotel Moscow is destroyed by the sheer weight of numbers, and Balalaika taken captive.

In revenge for all the people that was killed taking down Hotel Moscow, Balalaika is sold as a slave, a humiliating fate for the proud woman.

-Hotel Moscow will rise again!

-I must live on... For my men's sake.