Name Description Effects Remark
Angelic (Divine) This girl came from Heaven. Small chance to increase health and morale for all girls if a girl is healthy (health above 70%?) and has a free timeslot. The opposite effect for demonic girls. Will be nullified if demonic girls are in the same building.
Demonic This is a girl who inhabit hell. Small chance to decrease health and morale for all girls. Opposite effect for other demonic girls. Will be nullified if Angelic girls are in the same building.
Vampire This girl is a vampire A chance to suck blood which cause the girl to not to lose a health during act.

Increased act time if chance is rolled.

Arrancar A Hollow that has removed its mask and has gained Shinigami-like powers.
Shinigami A guardian of the souls who are going through the circle of transmigration.
Heroic Spirit A legendary soul that has gained such renown in life that they transcend the cycle of transmigration of the soul.

Able to absorb prana through the act of sex to maintain their body.

Regenerates small amount of HP through sex.


Name Description Effects Remark
Construct This is not a real girl, but a mechanical or magical doll. Reduces health lost. Can regain health by being repaired by mechanic. Can be upgraded with optional parts with Tech building upgrade.
Cyborg She has been enhanced by mechanical means. Reduced health lost. Can be upgraded with optional parts with Tech building upgrade. Increase Constitution.


Name Description Effects Remark
Elf This girl is of the elven race. Increases money gained.

Increased chance for tips (beauty).

Alien This girl is not from this planet. Attracts customers. Sometimes the customers thus attracted are not exactly... human.
Metamorphosis (Need better name) [gender bender?] This girl sometimes changes gender. Can't work in brothel during sex change. The chance for change depends on small random value (Also to change back. Each 'girl' needs different items).
Monster-girl This girl has monster blood in her. Higher Constitution threshold
Were-Creature This girl has animal features on her somewhere. Increases money earned if a match to customer's request, otherwise normal rates.
Not quite Human This girl is human, yet... not. Increases money earned if a match to customer's request, otherwise normal rates.


Name Description Effects Remark
Military She comes from a military or similar where obedience to superiors is required. Lower Disobedience. There is small chance that she will hurt a customer if customer has a weapon. Increased act time if she tries to disarm customer (and customer didn't leave).
MILF Childbirth has only increase her desirablity Increases money earned if a match to customer's request, otherwise normal rates.
Noble This girl has a royal or noble background. Higher chance of disobedience, but increased chance to receive a tip.
Ojou This girl has been brought up in a high-class environment Slight increase to reputation of building. Increases money earned if a match to customer's request, otherwise normal rates.
Rebel This girl has fought against authority before Increased chance of disobedience, slower gains to obedience.


Name Description Effects Remark
Thief This girl is able to occasionally steal some of the customers money.  % chance for each customer she serves. Steals a amount equal to % of her pay. Level 1 - 30% to add 15% money

Level 2 - 40% to add 25% money

Level 3 - 50% to add 30% money

Zombie Killer Has experience with killing undead Bonus damage to undead
Spiritually sensitive Has experience with spirits and ghosts Bonus damage to spirits and ghosts
Mind-Walker Ability to read surface thoughts, and adjust the act accordingly. Chance to Mind-walk, increasing satisfaction. Chance to influence customer to leave more tips. Random chance to increase the obedience of the girls in the same brothel
Soul Sucker The ability/need to drain life energy Gains health per customer, loses set amount per day
Illusionist Able to use illusions to increase the experience Chance to use illusions on customer, increasing satisfaction.

Girl Specific AbilityEdit

Name Description Effects Remark
Byakugan Using her bloodline limit to stimulate the acupuncture points Chance to use her bloodline limit during sex. Increase customer satisfaction and tips. Used By Hyuuga Hinata, Hyuuga Hanabi
Nanomachine Her body is infused with nano-machines, allowing her to change her body as she wishes Able to satisfy any customer's requirements

Able to create and use any weapon type

Konjiki no Yami
Cosplayer Armed with various costumes, girl can cater to customer's demands Chance to increase customer's satisfaction. Chance to receive bonus tip. Cosplay ability for Sakura Kinomoto works only when sharing a building with Daidōji Tomoyo.
Psychic Ability to read surface thoughts of customers Increase satisfaction, increase chance that customer is looking for her trait