Physical fighter. Can use Weapon
-Two Handed Weapons

-Heavy Armor

Character Description: A hardened veteran who has seen countless wars raged over many dimensions.
-Was a former captain in the guard.
-Involved in the turf war between slum gangs and City guards. Choice would determine who gain control of City?
-Main quest involve taking over the City in some fashion, using either the guards or the gangs?

Background story:

Hear me out old friend, I wish to tell you a story of mine. Now, don't go thinking this is some fairy tale in fantasyland, this is my personal tale that I wish to tell.

Let's start with the first day I became a member of the guard. I was 15 at the time. I remember that I was scared as hell when they gave me and a bunch of other greenhorns our final bootcamp exam.

Well, you know how the final exam for boot camp is a patrol route through the forest? Normally all you have to fight is some chickens or goblins.

My batch was a little unlucky. We encountered something... different.

See, we were following the road, and encountered some of those chickens.

No sweat, you’d say, right? Except that their coloring is a little different; Dark blue instead of red...

Now normally, what happens with normal chickens is that you basically outlast them, using the large number of rookies to wear them down even after being paralysed.

Well, these particular chickens don’t paralysis you. They turn you to stone.

So how did I survive that little mess, you ask?

Simple. I hid.

As my teammates turned to stone around me, I hid behind them, using them as a shield against their petrification. I would attack the beasts from behind, catching them off guard.

Call me a coward if you must, but remember: I survived, the others did not. I’ll do what I must to survive. You would have done the same, if you were there. Though you’d would be more likely to be turned into stone.

But continuing on with my story, I was mocked for being afraid of some silly chickens. I assure you though, nobody knew the horror of these feathered fiends.

Regardless, I got promoted to sergeant, went to a normal guard post. Didn’t do much to stand out, but somehow, I stayed on long enough to get promoted to Captain... somehow.

Now skipping forward past a few years of boring routine days on guard duty, I was given my first real out-dimension mission. Seems a cache of gold and other precious gems was found in one of the other dimensions, and the noble who found it was insisting that the guard go and retrieve it.

Remember, the dimensional rifts were not as stable as they are now. It really was quite dangerous then. However, the noble was willing to pay double the standard salary for them, so we agreed.

I was chosen to lead a group of men into that other dimension to get the riches, and, well, I leaped at it. You would have too, if all you had done for the past 3 years was patrolling the damn forest day in and day out.

At first we encountered no hindrances to our objective. My team had secured the gold and gems and we were making our way back with it when problems started. My men crossed the dimensional rift without issue, but just when I was about to enter it, the damn rift collapsed, far faster than I’ve ever seen it done.

Lady Luck was smiling on me again that day. Had I stepped in that portal any sooner I would have been dead, sliced into two by the dimensional edge, or trapped in the area between dimensions for all eternity, or something... I don’t know. Ask a wizard if you must have the answer. All I know is that it is bad news, and I’m damn lucky to escape as it is...

Even though I used all of my nine lives at once and somehow made it out unscathed, I was still stuck in that god-forsaken land with a few trinkets I had stolen in my hand and the stuff I had brought with me. Needless to say it wasn't much, hardly enough to live on for more than a month. Not to mention being hunted by mercenaries and thieves once I foolishly attempted to pawn the gems. It brought far too much unwanted attention. Apparently they thought I had a vast amount of wealth.

I had to survive on my own for two years, always on the move to avoid the treasure hunters and thieves. No one listened when I tried explaining that the few small stones is all I have. And no one has enough small change to trade those out with me... And yet, those were too valuable to just throw away...And believe me, I was sorely tempted indeed... In the end, I put the blasted things in my pouch and just kept running.

After I thought all luck was lost, fortune smiled on me again when I somehow managed to stumble across another dimensional rift. I finally made it back home.

I returned to the guard headquarters, only to find my name on the memorial board. My mission is considered a failure, and my men were nowhere to be found.

I am not sure what happened to all the gold and gemstones,but I suspect that someone screwed my team over, took the gold and killed them all.

But believe me, you. I will find out, and avenge my team. Though for that I will need money. I’m not much for fighting nowadays, I’m out of practice. Too much hiding and running... But there is this building that just recently went on sales. I figured it’ll make a good income source, what with the new slave markets coming up, and I can use it to get my edge back....

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