Rogue Archetype
-Fighting style relies on speed and agility to simply not be hit by enemy attacks; has rather low defences, so actually getting hit isn't a good idea.
-Skills rely on stat-damage and Status-change to defeat enemies; very few actual pure attack skills.
-Having Tanks in battle is highly recommended, due to lower starting stats, but not strictly necessary to survive; natural speed and possible equipment can help supplant any Mercs or fighting girls.
-Starts with increased gold, to help overcome starting disadvantage with stats.

Can use

-Light armor (+Evasive?)

-Was an up-and-coming star in the echelons of Nobility, bringing in massive wealth, fame and power to his house (Ocean); was actually slated to take over said house when the current patriarch, his father, died.
-Was screwed out of his position and fortune by his enemies, both those jealous of his meteoric rise and those fearful he’d upset the balance of power by bringing his family to the Crown’s right hand.
-Because of said screwing (was fingered for creating Zombie Island, betrayed by friend who later married into a rival house), only way for his house to save face was to completely cut him out of the family, leaving him destitute and in a boat headed for an ocean-bound rift gate.
-After several years of wandering until he found his way back to the realm, is now dedicated to earning his position back, by hook or by crook, and is using his brothel to launch him back into the echelons of society. If he has to topple a few power structures to get his revenge, so be it.
-Nobles will know he was screwed by the friend (Rumors spread by the wife of the friend put the idea out there that the noble was screwed, but nobody has proof that the friend did it), and so will be sympathetic, (+relationship with nobles) and the desperately poor will see him as a person who ‘has’ power that knows their plight. (+relationship with peasants). ‘regular’ people, though, will see him as a disgrace without knowing the backstory behind his punishment, or a monster who got what was coming to him. (-relationship with middle-class.)

Background story:

The reason for my banishment? Well... I suppose it can’t hurt to tell it. Mind you, I’m probably drunk out of my mind to even consider this. Count yourself lucky.

What...? We Bismarck have always been good at keeping our liquor down. Comes with spending so much time out in the sea... Nothing else to do but drink ...

I was young and foolish then. Younger, and more foolish than now, at least.

See, even though I am not the only child of my family, my closest companion is in fact not my brothers. In the Nobility, they are far more likely to stab you in the back, so we have always kept a respectable distance between us.

This friend, we’ve been together since we were young, and I trust him far more than my own brothers. Makes it easier for him to betray me...

It was he who came up with the prank. “Color dye in the water” He said. “Turns all their hair to different colors!”

Well, it sounded harmless enough. So I agreed. It sounded funny enough to me back then.

So we went to the smallest island. “To concentrate the effect”, he said. I have no reason to disagree, so I followed.

So there we were, giggling like demented hyenas as we dropped the ‘dye’ into the well that served the small town on the island. We retreated back to the inn we were staying at, laughing ourselves sick with the idea of rainbow-colored hair on all the people living there.

When morning came, I woke up to find myself alone. Thinking nothing of it, I walked downstairs to break my fast, when I came onto a horrible sight.

It was the blood that first alerted me that something was wrong. Streaks of it smeared all over the floor, as if something had been dragged there. Naturally curious, I followed the blood to the kitchen. To my horror, it’s not a cow or deer, my first assumption. Instead, I was treated to the sight of the head cook, a jolly man who always sneak us snacks, currently having his head half buried in the stomach of someone.

A man, as far as I can recall, but the details elude me now.

Needless to say, I was horrified. I turned and ran, and was out of the inn before the cook even lifted his head. But outside is no better. I had ran right into a nightmare.

The towns folks who had greeted me so cheerfully when I arrived here yesterday was gone, turned into twisted parody of themselves. Grey faces, shambling walk... The empty eyes...

Pardon me. I didn’t mean to make you spill your drink. Waste of damn fine wine it is... Anyway, where was I?

Oh, right. At that time, I had no idea what had happened. My mind is empty of all thoughts, and all I could think of is getting out of there.

I made a huge amount of noise getting to the harbour. Had I knew what I knew now, that those... ‘Them’... find their prey by sound, I would have been more careful. But I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be thinking. I must have broken all the pottery and corkery between the inn and the harbour, and that lured ‘Them’ right to me.

Of course, I knew that the ship was gone when I reach the harbour. The main mast was not visible after all. But I did not, could not believe it until I was standing on the harbour itself, staring at the space where the ship was the previous day. Now empty.

And then ‘They’ started appearing, and I jumped off the harbour and started swimming for my life. It’s a good thing ‘They’ can’t swim, or I would be dead when my legs cramped up, protesting having to swim in the cold sea with all my clothings on.

The seawater managed to calm me down, enough that when the cramp hits, I was able to somehow stay above the water. It was then that I noticed that ‘They’ can’t swim. Those that fall into the water simply sink all the way to the bottom.

Anyway, after that observation, I managed to calm down enough to plan again. My father would have to know about it, and find out who is responsible for this mess.

So decided, i remove most of my heavy clothing and struck out to the waves. Fortunately, the next island is close enough to be in view just as I was loosing sight of the island I left behind.

To cut the long story short, I returned back to the manor, only to find my dear ‘friend’ had managed to arrive before me. He must have taken the ship right back, and had already spoken to my father, laying the blame of this disaster right on my head. I walking into the meeting room only to face a whole row of spears, and my own brother arresting me for releasing something they called the ‘Zombie plague.’

I was hauled off and exiled soon after that. Didn’t have a chance to explain, or even speak to anyone. They just dumped me into a boat without a rudder, and sent in the general direction of the nearest rift gate.

It took me 3 years to make my way back. And now that I am back, I will have my revenge, both on the coward who acted as my friend, and my family that so readily abandon me without even listening to me.

The first step would be to gather enough money and power. My family is one of the Nobility, and it would take far more than what an exile can come up with. Fortunately, I found a old building that is falling apart on sale. I had not been idle on my exile, and have enough money to buy it. The new slave market also presents an opportunity for profit, and I would be a fool not to take advantage of it...

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