Magical glass cannon Require Mercs to act as Meat shield.

Can use

-Elemental powered spells
-Direct damage spells

-Graduated from the Wizard’s Towers with full honors, but due to the contents of his final papers, he had to leave the City to avoid problems with those mages who disagree with his theory.
-Generally deal with the origin and the final fate of the dimension?
-Possible conflict with the leading religion and church?

Background story:

Some have asked what is in my final papers that made so many of the Tower angry with me. I will attempt to briefly highlight the issues I discovered, more or less by accident.

It started as I was doing a standard fireball spell, when I noticed that the magical fluctuation is a little lower than normal, and is not conforming to expected values. Naturally I attempted a Structural Grasp Magecraft...

What’s that? Refrain from using technical terms? Oh very well. Sometimes I wish that you lot can keep up with me... It’s troublesome dumbing down my explanation all the time.

Anyway, to cut the long and tedious process short, I discovered that some of the magic is actually leaking out of this dimension. It is minute, that is to say, a very small amount. Most people wouldn’t even notice, or care. However, it is leaking with every single spell cast, which of course presents the very real danger of all magic eventually leaking out.

Of course, that sorry excuse of a spoiled noble brat that is our Arch-mage immediately dismissed that claim. It’s a good thing that I had taken my wizard’s hat already, or I am fairly sure he would attempted to block my graduation. As it is, I had to leave the City in quite the hurry.

I took to wandering the different dimensions, trying to track down the source of the leak. The Berkana Rune is particularly...

Hmm? I’m being too technical again...? My apologies. I seldom have cause to explain myself to lesser minds.

Anyway, as mentioned, I attempted to find the cause of the leak. Funny thing is that after following the trail for two years, it leads right back to this dimension...

I’ll admit I was at a loss at that point. Then I heard about how the trade routes are getting more stable, and that merchants and slavers are actually able to find their way back with some regularity. Well, this presents a new avenue of research, as well as a new puzzle. By all rights, leaking magical energy should have destabilized the dimensional rifts instead. They should not be getting more stable...

While traveling, I have noticed that the leaked energy sometimes gathers within certain people. The effect is irregular, and almost impossible to replicate. However, these slaves that were brought back, they would be a good way to try and measure the leaked energy, and see if it’s possible to discover the reason for the leak from these measurements and scans. (Likely bullshit, but not sure what could be use in its place...)

An abandoned building has been placed on sale recently. I think I’ll purchase it. It will give me a place to build a lab, seeing that my old lab in the Tower is unlikely to have survived my two year absence. It should serve as a passable way to use the purchased slaves to generate more income to further the research as well. One should alway make full use of one’s resources after all.

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